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You might be wondering where to stay in Chios after making travel plans to get to Chios! The tenth-largest island in the Mediterranean is home to numerous hotels of all classifications as well as accommodations for rent. Choosing your accommodation in Chios based on what you want during your visit to Chios will help you choose the finest place to stay!

Staying in Chios Town or a Village?

Because Chios is so large, you’ll need at least a week to fully tour the island. Chios island can be split into three primary geographic regions: the North, the Central, and the South Chios. Depending on your expecations from your accommodation in Chios, you can pick the region that suits you best.

Do you wish to be close to the island’s nightlife and retail district? Then, stay in Chios Town or a nearby area; for a more touristy option, consider Karfas, Vrontados, or Kampos, a protected area.

Traveling north will provide you with access to untamed natural beauty, old Ottoman hiking trails, wineries, canyons and gorges, and uninhabited beaches. The choices you should make are Kardamyla and Volissos.

If you don’t want to miss a thing on the island, staying in Central Chios is a wise decision. The most distant beaches and traditional settlements are accessible from the west coast side, which also offers stunning sunset views. Consider Avgonyma and Lithi.

Head south and choose one of the renowned Mastic villages if you love history and want to feel the distinct vibe of a Medieval village. The most well-known and visited are Mesta, Pyrgi, and Olympi.

  1. The Best place to stay in Chios for a family with kids

The two locations for your accommodation in Chios that are best for family vacations are Karfas and Lithi.

The closest choice to Chios Town, the airport, and the port is Karfas. There are numerous hotels and vacation rentals, beach cafes and restaurants, a mini-market, and a bakery in this tourist-friendly region.

Similar to Karfas, Lithi’s main beach is kid-friendly and offers a variety of water sports and activities. Small children will find the Karfas beach to be convenient and safe because it is sandy and fairly shallow. Karfas is an excellent choice for your accommodation in Chios for a family vacation because of the fantastic meals that the neighborhood restaurants serve.

  1. The Best Place to stay in Chios for Couples

Young couples should consider staying at one of the island’s numerous traditional guesthouses or boutique hotels. There are numerous eateries, bars, and tourist attractions in and surrounding Chios Town. It serves as a suitable starting point for day journeys to explore the rest of the island, including its most isolated regions. You should consider Vessa, Agio Galas, Agia Fotia, and Lagkada.

  1. The Best Place to stay in Chios for traditional festivals

If you want to experience the local style of celebrating the big Greek days (usually the religious ones), head north or south of the island to experience the Greek’ panigiri’ (fest with live music, food, and a lot of drinking). The two biggest panigiri in Chios happen on the 22nd of July and the 15th of August.

  1. The Best Place to stay in Chios for Beach Life

91 beaches of Chios island are reachable by vehicle. The greatest option if you’re searching for a “sun & beach” kind of holiday is to stay nearby.

Even during the busiest months, Agia Fotia and Agios Aimilianos are long and expansive, with cafes, tavernas, and hotels.

For the locals as well, Komi and Emporios are among the most favorite beaches. If you’re looking for amusement, Komi boasts a lot of beach bars and taverns. Emporios is more tranquil and provides access to a walk up the dormant Psaronas volcano.

Looking for hidden and peaceful locations? Then, for your accommodation in Chios pick Nagos or Limnia (Volissos). Although there are many possibilities for lodging and dining, the distinctiveness of the local environment is what distinguishes both establishments.

  1. The Best Place to stay in Chios for active travelers

Chios is the perfect destination if you enjoy adventure and active travel. For trekking, hiking, and canyoning the northern Chios villages are the best choice. Head to south Chios for sea kayaking, scuba diving, or mountain biking between the towers (viglas), and to east Chios for sailing, windsurfing, or kitesurfing in the Greek-Turkish Straight.

  1. The Best Place to stay in Chios for Great Sunset Views

For spectacular sunset views during your accommodation in Chios, head to the Western part of the island, especially Volissos or Avgonyma (Avgonima).

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