Chios Trails: Agios Giannis to Agio Galas Trail

amani hiking trainis: agios giannis to agio galas trail
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One of the most popular Amani hiking trails is the Agios Giannis to Agio Galas trail. It connects the abandoned settlement of Agios Giannis with the village of Agio Galas.

Chios trails network has many options from South to North and from the East to West of Chios island.

Agios Giannis, Amani Chios

On the passable dirt road that starts approximately one and a half kilometers away, it is possible to drive to the abandoned hamlet of Agios Giannis. On the way to Nenitouria after Agio Galas. A large oak tree and a seating place close to our starting location in Agios Giannis.

There are two short dead-end footpaths from here that go to the observatory and the Church of Agios Giannis, respectively. The observatory is where water emerges from the base of a plane tree. We must return to the rest area, where we follow a pathway that crosses an unpaved road to continue.

Agio Galas, Amani Chios

As we proceed on the Agios Giannis to Agio Galas trail, along the sidewalk we encounter another unpaved road connecting Agios Spyridon Chapel on the left and Agio Galas on the right. When the dirt road reaches an overlook with a wooden gazebo, it changes into a footpath. We clearly see Agio Galas, the Aegean, and Psara. The strange rock feature known as “Buddha’s Precipice” is direct across from the torrent bed to our right.

The walk is stone-paved up to the entrance to Agio Galas and the Church of Agia Varvara. The footpath is easy to identify and navigate because it gently descends through historic fields formerly planted with grain but no longer farmed. The four remaining threshing floors are distinctive elements that can be seen on the route.

When we arrive in Agio Galas, we go through the village’s winding streets, following the directions of the signs until we reach the chapel of Agios Thalelaios, which was also the village’s original name. We can next descend to Panagia Agiogaloussaina (we must ask the villagers for the key to enter the church) and then to one of Chios caves, the Agio Galas cave.

Agios Giannis to Agio Galas Trail – Info

Location: Northwestern Chios
Type: Hiking on mountain footpath
Degree of difficulty: 1 – Easy
Length of route: 2.540 m.
Time: About 45 min.
Drinking water along the way: Yes
Max. / Min. elevation: 400 m / 230 m
Difference in elevation: 160 m.
Suggested starting point: Agios Giannis


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