5+1 Most beautiful villages in Chios

pyrgi beautiful villages in chios

Whether you’ve been to previously or are planning your first time and you are wondering about what to do in Chios, the information in this post is for you! This Greek island has unparalleled natural beauty and we gathered the 6 most beautiful villages in Chios for you to explore.

As soon as you set foot there, the medieval villages, the peaceful mood, the kind residents, and so much more reveal themselves to you. The island’s port and Chios Town are magnificent, but you must also visit a few neighboring towns to get the whole Chios experience. If you have doubts about your transportation in Chios, we strongly recommend renting a car in Chios to enjoy your time to the fullest.

you are traveling for a weekend in Chios or longer, these are the most beautiful villages in Chios, which you must visit for yourself.

Mesta, South Chios

One of the largest Mastic-producing villages in the past was this little village on the southwest coast of the island of Chios. Even though only 400 people are living there now, the town is nevertheless one of the most beautiful villages in Chios and the most outstanding example of a medieval settlement.

Defensive architecture is all about this! If you visit Mesta in February, check when the Agas celebration is taking place, one of the most popular Chios festivals. When visiting, pay particular attention to the homes of the people.

Pyrgi, South Chios

It is well-deservedly regarded as one of the most beautiful villages in Chios! Another name for Pyrgi is “the painted village.” The architecture in Pyrgi is among the most fascinating on the island; you’ll feel very much like you’re in the Middle Ages while you’re there. Enjoy exploring the confined spaces and capture as many images as you can. After all, this is a “picturesque” village.

Avgonyma, Central Chios

The community may be the smallest, with a total of 85 residents. This one is located on top of a hill and close to Chios Town. But the charming ambiance that this small community offers is what sets it apart. Stone-built homes, little streets…

It’s ideal if you want to have some delicious traditional food while watching the sunset in one of the neighborhood pubs. And let’s face it, who doesn’t feel like that all the time?

Anavatos, Central Chios

Anavatos is the place to be if you want to explore a historically significant but now-deserted village. You must take the opportunity to view it because it is approximately 45 minutes by car from Chios Town.

It feels peaceful and organic despite being constructed on top of a hill with views of the sea and jarring rocks. Although it cannot be compared with the most beautiful villages in Chios, it is pretty unique because of its history.

Volissos, Northwest Chios

Volissos is constructed in the style of a theater on a hillside. The Agia Markella Monastery and the castle must be seen when you visit this typical village. Additionally, numerous Byzantine churches and water mills are dispersed around the area.

Kardamyla, Northeast Chios

In reality, Kardamyla village is split into two villages, the upper and the lower village. The first is the oldest section of the community. While you’re there, you can see a lot of stone-built homes and other structures. You’ll be shocked to learn that the entire Upper Village is constructed on a steep hill due to the incredibly tiny streets.

The Lower Village now has a new atmosphere. The same architecture is present, but it is much more lovely because plants and flowers are growing everywhere. Additionally, you will see the classic mansions! From Kardamyla, you can visit Pellinaio Mountain, the most prominent mountain on Chios island.

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