Arriving at Chios via Izmir: Izmir to Chios

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This is the Ultimate Guide for 2023 if you’re trying to figure out how to get from Izmir to Chios (Sakiz). Daily scheduled flights get to Chios airport from Thessaloniki and Athens, and international travelers typically transit there before continuing to Chios. However, there is a more convenient way for some to try.

It can be more straightforward and quicker for you to get to Izmir International Airport in neighboring Turkey, depending on where you are flying from.

Is there a direct flight from Izmir to Chios?

Let’s start with the obvious: Since the ferry boat trip takes only 35 minutes, there is no need for a connecting flight between Chios and Izmir (Smirni). You must fly to Izmir airport from your home airport and from there take a private transfer for 1.5 hours and a ferry for 30 minutes to Chios island. The Izmir to Chios leg adds 2-3 extra hours to your journey.

How to get from Izmir to Cesme port

Few people know that the route Izmir to Chios could save you time and money! The Izmir Airport is a sizable international airport with direct flights to over 60 foreign cities. Izmir airport is 80 kilometers from Cesme port which is less than 2 hour drive.

The safest and quickest way to get from Izmir to Cesme port is to hire a taxi or arrange a private transfer well in advance. The prices below for a private transfer from Izmir airport of a 5-seated car or a minivan.

Take a trip from Birmingham, UK, to Chios as an example. Two plane changes are required; the total flight time, including wait times, is usually 12 hours. However, the twice-weekly direct flight from Birmingham to Izmir takes a little over 4 hours and is far less expensive. Then, you can arrange a convenient transfer from the airport of Izmir to Chios Island port.

You’ll be picked up in a private vehicle at the airport. You can board the ferry and get to Chios quickly after the 1.5-hour-long travel to the port in Cesme.

How to get from Cesme to Chios port

The next part of your Izmir to Chios journey is Cesme port. Even though the distance between Cesme and Chios is around 6 nm, the two locations are not connected by a bridge. Numerous boats are available throughout the day from Cesme to Chios and from Chios to Cesme, and the trip takes around 35 minutes.

The only way to get to Chios from Cesme is by ferry boat from Cesme port.

Same goes for the other route; the only way to get to Cesme from Chios is by ferry from Chios port.

Where can I buy tickets for Cesme to Chios or from Chios to Cesme?

Below we give you the available options to buy your ferry ticket for your trip from Izmir to Chios.

Buy your ferry ticket at Cesme port or Chios port

Visit the port of Chios or the port of Cesme and purchase your ticket from a local company. They are numerous booths, and it is impossible to miss them.

Buy your ferry ticket online

Book your ferry ticket online from ferryhoper and pick up the printed ticket from the departing port on the day of your departure.

If planning is not your strong suit, then don’t worry much. Tickets to both locations are available, even on the same day (safer 1-2 days earlier so you can pick the most suitable time for you).


Some nationals may require a visa to enter Turkey. However, obtaining a Turkish visa is simple via the online system and costs $15 online.

Insider tip for your trip from Izmir to Chios

We strongly recommend an overnight stay on the other side! Chios to Cesme for a day excursion or overnight visit to Smirni, and vice versa, is a trendy route (Izmir to Sakiz). Daily travelers from Greece and Turkey make this journey. Other nationals have a great chance to visit two nations simultaneously.

Therefore, spending at least one day on the other side of the Aegean is suggested, especially for those staying long enough (certainly longer than seven days in Chios).

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