Transportation in Chios

transportation in chios taxi

Let’s speak about transportation in Chios now that you know how to get to Chios. Chios is a serene, charming village with stunning, crystal-clear beaches. This island has a lot to offer regarding sights to see and ways to explore it.

You can select the best mode of transportation, or perhaps a mix of the below options, depending on where and how long you plan to stay. You can take a taxi, hire a car or motorcycle, or take the urban and intercity public buses to get around. Taxis in Chios are burgundy and white. We advise walking or riding a bike to explore Chios Town.

Rent a car in Chios (or a motorbike)

You can travel at your own pace and access the most remote areas of the island with a car or motorcycle! If you don’t have a car of your own, renting a car in Chios for your sightseeing excursions is a great option!

Renting a car is probably the most convenient way for your transportation in Chios to see the island. There are many car and motorbike rental agencies around Chios Town, mainly along the waterfront. Other car rental agencies can be found in the main tourist resorts.


Buses in Chios

The cheapest mode of transportation in Chios is public transit, which is also a fun way to explore the area. Visitors are shuttled by local buses to Chios’ most popular tourist destinations. In Chios Town is where you’ll find the central bus station. On, you may discover additional details about the routes and timetables.

There are many ways to get around Chios island, and one of them is the local public bus. Regular blue buses link the capital with Vrontados, Karfas, Kampos, and the nearby villages. The central bus station is right in front of the Town Hall in Chios Town.

There are also buses going to villages further from Chios Town, such as Pyrgi, Olympi, Volissos, and Kardamyla, and buses to beautiful beaches like Emporios and Nagos. This bus service is called Chios Ktel.

Public transportation is a cheap and safe way to do sightseeing and enjoy the natural wonders and medieval villages.

Transportation in Chios: Taxis

Compared to buses, a taxi may be more expensive, but your transportation in Chios will undoubtedly provide you with a quick and convenient way to get where you’re going. 

Taxis are available all around the island and constitute an ideal option for your transfers. Taxi stations are found in the city, at the central square, the airport, and the port. Every central location has a large number of taxis. There are fixed rates available for the main tourist attractions. 

Boats from Chios

In the summer, there are daily ferries between Chios Town and Çeşme Turkey, a cosmopolitan resort near Izmir. There are also daily boat trips from Chios Town to Oinousses and Psara islands.



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