Vessa in Chios: The Astounding Medieval Village

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One of the must-see locations on the island is the gorgeous Vessa in Chios, brimming with rare artifacts and well-preserved history.

Where is Vessa in Chios?

Vessa is situated in the southern region of Chios island, about 19 kilometers from Chios Town. The village appears to have always been there, waiting for the visitors to discover its hidden treasures because it has been designed following its surroundings.

The Greek word Vessa, which translates to “valley,” denotes the village’s location in a valley. Vessa in Chios has been in the same spot since the 10th century, and like the architecture of the surrounding area, it was affected by the potential for pirate attacks during the Middle Ages.

Vessa Architecture

Your stay will be extraordinary by Vessa’s preservation of its medieval architecture, which includes stone-built homes and arches that blend in with the surrounding hills.

The structures are closely spaced apart because the settlement was once constructed as a fortress. The exterior wall encloses the village’s historical section and has just one gate. The visitor feels as though they have journeyed back to a world that existed hundreds of years before our time after passing through that gate.

The main gate of the Vessa in Chios has been well preserved. The neighborhood boasts tidy streets and tall, skinny structures that resemble towers. The stone dwellings in the hamlet are still in excellent shape, despite the fortified encircling wall not being adequately preserved.

Because there wasn’t much room inside the walls, the villagers had to move the village across the main road, resulting in what we now refer to as the Old Vessa and the New Vessa. With its little lanes and stone arches, the New Vessa is just as beautiful.

There are a lot of large, affluent homes in the region that successful immigrants constructed. However, many of the houses are vacant and abandoned.

What to do in Vessa

Visitors who first arrive in the village think Vessa in Chios resembles a fortress. To hide from the pirates, all structures are constructed from native stone.

Start your walk from Central Tower, where the well was said to be in the center of the old town square, according to the people of Vessa. Today, this Tower is replaced by a church. The village’s streets are designed to serve as labyrinths; most of its lanes lead to dead ends, making it challenging for intruders to get around.

Of course, these streets are ideal for interested tourists today to roam around, explore the community, and interact with the hospitable inhabitants.

While the internal houses give the impression of a town, the external homes and the Towers in the settlement’s four corners are a component of the outer castle walls. The old square and the olive mill, two well-preserved specimens of the Genovese architecture that dominated the village during the Middle Ages, are hidden beyond the outer walls.

According to locals, the most ancient church on Vessa in Chios Chios is Panagia Petrousena, one of the village churches along with Panagia, Agios Dimitrios, and Panagia.

Medieval Villages near Vessa

Vessa is a few kilometers from Olympi village and the famous Chios caves of Olympi.

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