Weekend in Chios: Exciting 3-day itinerary

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Are you traveling for the weekend in Chios and wondering what to do in Chios? We got you covered with an exciting 3-days itinerary with all the must-visit places.

First things first, arrange your accommodation in Chios along with your transportation. Chios might be a large island. However, it is well kept from mass tourism. Hence the options are limited. We highly recommend booking your accommodation and your rental car in advance.

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Make sure to get to Chios early in the morning. Head to Chios Town’s promenade, where you will find open cafés and restaurants any day and have a fulfilling Greek breakfast. Then, pick up your rental car, check in to your hotel, and get ready for the first day of your weekend in Chios!

Day 1: South Chios

On the first day of your weekend in Chios, explore the Mastic Villages (Masticokhoria) in the south, where the mastic tree resin is cultivated.


Vessa, about 19 kilometers south of Chios Town, is the first destination on the schedule. Vessa is a typical, well-preserved medieval village. The structures are constructed from local stones to hide the town from pirates.


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The village has been there for many decades, harmoniously blending into its surroundings, waiting for visitors to discover its secret treasures. Wander through the Old Vessa and New Vessa’s winding, winding streets. Investigate the many hues and shapes of local stones.

Mastic Museum

Head to the Chios Mastic Museum from Vessa, located about 10 kilometers south of Vessa. The history of mastic tree cultivation and resin processing is explained in the Chios Mastic Museum. The Museum building is a work of art in its own right and blends beautifully with Chios’ cultural setting.

Chios Mastic Museum Opening hours:

From March 1st to October 15th: Daily (except Tuesdays) 10 am-6 pm.
From October 16th to February 28th: Daily (except Tuesdays) 10 am-5 pm.

Closed on: Tuesdays, January 1st, Good Friday (until 12 noon), (Greek Orthodox) Easter Sunday, May 1st, July 22nd (local patronal feast), August 15th, December 25th, and 26th.


Pyrgi, Rachi site (Tepeki)
821 02 Chios, Greece
Telephone: (+30) 22710 72212
Fax: (+30) 22710 72215

Ticket fee

Standard entrance fee: €4,00
Days of free admission:
May 18th (International Museum Day)
June 5th (World Environment Day)
Last weekend in September (European Heritage Days)


The settlement of Pyrgi is arguably the most well-known and distinctive on the island. Its architecture sets it apart from other villages on the island. A remarkable sight may be seen in Pyrgi’s buildings, which are covered in geometric engravings in black and white. Reaching Pyrgi village takes just another 5-minute drive from the Chios Mastic Museum.


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Olympoi Cave

To reach Olympi, one of Chios’ most scenic settlements, travel 7 kilometers east of Pyrgi. This historic village provides a lovely afternoon stroll with its arched streets and stone homes. There is also one of the impressive Chios caves nearby the town. The cave features stunning rock formations and is over 200,000 years old.


Travel northwest from Olympi to Mesta, the furthest away from the medieval settlements but also the best preserved. The village’s shape and architecture are entirely original. There are just two significant gates to the community because the houses are built side by side with no breaks.
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The streets are congested, and most have arches on which homes are erected. The entire community was planned and constructed to deter pirate incursions resembling a labyrinth. To explore the narrow streets, enter Mesta’s castle walls and head toward the center. Spend some time at one of the inviting cafes in the central square.

Day 2: Central Chios

Rise and shine for the second day of your weekend in Chios! After enjoying your Greek breakfast, pack your bags for the day and get ready to explore the central part of Chios island.

Nea Moni Monastery

Nea Moni is a world heritage site and a monument of significance globally. The church is the best example of an octagonal church; mosaics of all kinds are used to embellish it. This monastery from the 11th century is a superb example of Middle Byzantine style and design.


The next destination on the schedule is Anavatos, which is 12 kilometers from Nea Moni. Anavatos, a byzantine tower-village perched 450 meters above sea level on a conical rock, is visually impressive. The locals took advantage of the rock and constructed a wall around the community to give the impression that it was a natural fortress.

The stone homes were built next to one another, with timber ceilings, narrow doors, and tiny arched windows. The village, abandoned after the devastating earthquake of 1881, is now a national island monument.


You’ll reach the picturesque highland village of Avgonyma after a brief drive from Anavatos. It’s surrounded by lovely stone homes and a great place to stroll in the afternoon.


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Lithi Beach

A line of peaceful beaches can be found beyond Avgonyma, the most well-known of which is the scenic Lithi beach, which boasts several welcoming tavernas next to the little bay. The ideal location to witness a spectacular sunset is Lithi.

Day 3 of your weekend in Chios: North Chios

Kalimera! Power up with a big breakfast, pack your bags, and check out from your hotel. The day will be long, and you shouldn’t spend unnecessary time going back and forth to your hotel.


From Chios Town, travel 40 kilometers north to reach Volissos. Visit the historic stone-built bakery as soon as you arrive, if you come before 10 am, and have some freshly baked bread with a heaping spoonful of local honey. Then proceed to the 11th-century Castle atop the hill for breathtaking views of the Amani region. Volissos sounds far for your weekend in Chios, but you will love it when you get there.


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Agia Markella Monastery

One of the most stunning panigiri in Chios can be seen if you are in Agia Markella on July 22, which is the celebration day for Agia Markella. The Monastery of Agia Markella, the protector saint of Chios, is located about 8 kilometers from the village of Volissos. This monastery provides stunning views of the remote island of Psara and is situated directly on the shore.

Agio Galas Caves

After leaving Volissos, travel north to the Agio Galas Caves, one of Chios’ most famous natural beauties. The network of three caves that make up Agio Galas Cave. Due to its size and quantity of chambers, it is impressive. From an archaeological perspective, it is one of the most significant caves in Greece since its interior contains signs of human occupancy dating to the early Neolithic or around 6000 BC. The Chios Archaeological Museum has the discoveries on exhibit.


Drive to Egrigoros from Agio Galas to visit the second winery and sample the regional wines while taking in the breathtaking scenery. What’s better than wrapping up your weekend in Chios with a few sips of the local wine?

Weekend in Chios tips

  1. Start the day during your weekend in Chios early in the morning! Distances are considerable on Chios, and getting from one place to the other will take time.
  2. Pack water and some fruits for the day. It will be a savior when you get hungry :))
  3. Make sure to fill up your gas tank on time. Some places are remote, and you might not find a gas station.
  4. If your weekend in Chios is during the summertime, always have your beach necessities in your trunk!
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