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One of the least explored regions is the Northwest villages of Chios in the region of Amani Chios. The area is proof of the significant variations in the scenery and wildlife, as well as the range of activities that Chios island offers. Even if you plan to spend only a weekend in Chios, we strongly recommend driving to Amani Chios.

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To get to Amani from Chios Town, you must ascend Aipos Mountain and then travel via the Aipos Plateau, which is barren vegetation filled with white natural rocks. You will reach Amani Chios at an altitude of 809 meters, one of the island’s uncommon and less well-known sites.

Villages of Amani Chios


The largest settlement in the Amani Chios region, and one of the most beautiful villages in Chios, is Volissos. Homer, the author of the Iliad and the Odyssey, is said to have resided here. The Volissos Archaeological Collection is in a classic stone building on the village’s central plaza.

Visitors can access the Volissos Archaeological Collection by appointment only with the Chios Ephorate of Antiquities. The entrance is free. In Volissos, you will find Kefalas Winery, which you can pay a visit for a local wine tasting.

Visit the imposing medieval castle that is built on top of the hill.


Pirama village, located on a flat hilltop at the height of 220 meters, is 4 kilometers from Volissos. Following the architectural style of most nearby villages, the village buildings are closely spaced, creating a protective wall against the water. Other chapels are located all across the area in addition to St. John, the local church.

Visit the Tower of Pirama, a venetian tower at the central square, which dates back in 1515.


A little community with stone-built homes is called Parparia. Follow the road out of the village’s center toward the Amani Chios range to go to Panagia Pagousaina’s former monastery.

Visit Zanakounta beach during the summer.


Trypes is a charming village perched on a lush mountainside with a view of the Aegean Sea. Historic wheat fields and olive groves encircle it. Many of the homes were expertly constructed from stone.

Visit the main chruch where the Archangel is honored and climb the 240 steps from the central square to the upper zone of the old village.

Agio Galas, Melanios, and Nenitouria

Melanios, located on Chios island’s northernmost cape, is the subsequent settlement we come across. Due to the village’s exposure to the north winds, many wind turbines were erected there.

Visit Agio Galas, where you can combine a guided tour to one of the Chios caves and enjoy your coffee/ meal under the trees.

Egrigoros and Kourounia

The sweet wine produced in the vineyards surrounding the Kourounia region is well recognized. Vineyards cover a large portion of the territory near Egrigoros settlement. Homer refers to the entire Amani region as “Ariousia chora,” the home of the legendary ancient wine Ariousios.

Visit the famous Ariousios Winery for a wine tasting and to learn more about local varieties, the rich legacy of winemaking continues today.

Leptopoda, Keramos, and Agiasmata

The Agiasmata hot spas and the former antimony mines make Keramos village famous. Since the middle of the 1950s, the mines have been closed, but some infrastructures are still in place.

The mines helped the village grow to 550 residents by the middle of the 1950s, but as the mines shut down, Keramos gradually began to disappear.

Visit Agiasmata Thermal baths for an experience of relaxation and rejuvenation, at the wild landscape of Agiasmata beach.

Afrodisia and Chalandra

The lush Amani Chios region greenery envelops the settlement of Afrodisia. It has ties to the ancient worship of Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty and love. Two kilometers away is the little settlement of Chalandra, where remnants of the former stronghold can still be seen.

Visit the Church of Agios Mamas (St. Mamas), one of the oldest churches of the island and enjoy the view from the village square.

Nea Potamia, Palaia Potamia, and Pispilounta

A mountain settlement near Amani Chios, Pispilounta, views Pelinnaio mountain. The sun hardly reaches the old, deserted settlement of Palaia Potamia, tucked away in a canyon. The community was abandoned in the 1960s and rebuilt as Nea Potamia because of the lack of sunlight. Saints Constantine and Eleni are honored at the village church on May 21 with a customary panigiri in Chios.

Visit the medieval settlement Ta Markou, a 15th century fortress, that guarded the road connencting Pispilounta to Volissos and see the relics of the tower, the fortress and the surrounding houses.

Diefha and Katavasi

On the Chios-Volissos road, there is a little farming community called Katavasi. Olive groves encircle the area. Before going to Volissos, it was customary to halt here and rest. There is currently a typical restaurant there. There is a spring beneath the plane trees, which provide pleasant shade in the summer.

Visit to the byzantine Moundon Monastery, with its main church dedicated to St. John the Baptist.

What to do in Amani Chios

It is no accident that many nature enthusiasts and adventurers choose the “deserted” and “isolated” Amani as their perfect vacation spot all year. The environment is natural and unaltered by humans (or almost entirely unaltered).

Amani Chios is the favorite place for hikers. Some of the most breathtaking Chios Trails are located in the region.

The settlements of Northeast Amani are currently connected by two main Amani Hiking Trails that together span 55 kilometers. The plan is to gradually expand it to the surrounding area and soon build a network of marked hiking paths that connect every settlement.

Wine tasting is also a must-do activity, as Chios wines are essential to Chios spirits history.

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