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Whether you get to Chios by plane or ferry, you cannot miss the tallest mountain in Chios, Pellinaio Mountain. Its southern summit, Edelos, is 1,277 meters high, and its northern peak, Prophet Elias, is 1,297 meters high. The Holy Trinity Chapel is still standing today.

The legend about the Pellinaio Mountain

The Pellinaio Mountain is linked to a plethora of stories and legends and serves as the emblem of northeast Chios. Many people think that the Pelinian Zeus temple once stood on the pinnacle of the mountain.  In fact, the myth of the goddess Artemis’ conflict with Orion is quite widely known.

They were competing to see who was the best hunter. Zeus also refrained from declaring himself the victor—a big Scorpio bit Orion when he tried to steal Artemis. Orion’s constellation sets when the Scorpio constellation appears on the horizon.

The Pellinaio Mountain location

The mountain touches Kardamyla, a seaside town representing the area’s seafaring, at its northeastern tip.

The settlement of Viki is the starting point for the traditional ascent to Pellinaio Mountain’s highest peak, the “Throne of Zeus.”

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Hiking paths in Chios, Pellinaio Mountain

Chios Trails offers a wide range of options throughout the island.


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1. Old Lady’s Castle hiking path in Chios

The so-called “Old Lady’s Castle” is a circular hiking route that begins and ends at the restored community in Ano Kardamila. Additionally, it is supposed to have constructed a robust and elderly woman on the tall rock who bravely fought the pirates.

The Kulala Well is located along the 8-kilometer path. The canyon of the river Rina has 99 steps and an antique Rodokanakis watermill.

Theokipa is located somewhere in the middle of the Canyon of Giosona, which terminates with the same beach. Many believe it to be God’s garden. The road, which is around 10 km long, links the renowned Temple beach with the lush Amades village. This makes it simple for knowledgeable climbers to discover this magical location.

2. Amades Gorge

Additionally, a different roundabout at Amades connects to the Amades gorge through the former mule road. The about 7 km-long path winds through forests, crosses a river three times, and offers breathtaking views to walkers.

3. Kampia Canyon hiking path on Chios island

One of the island’s most stunning and well-known hiking paths is the Kampia Canyon, which begins in the nearby village and is around three kilometers long. The trail leads to the beach while running parallel to the riverbank in Pellinaio Mountain’s shade. This alternative circular path continues west of Kampia to the abandoned settlement of Agrellopo.

This is because it travels across the majestic one-story bridge before returning to Kampos and traversing the canyon once more. When Pope Bartholomew died after falling from a donkey on the Kampos path in 1986, Agrelop lost all of its people, and the path started to be known as Pope Bartholomew’s path.

4. Throne of Zeus hiking trail in Chios

The classic ascent to the highest peak of the Pellinaio Mount, the “Throne of Zeus,” starts from the village of Viki. We highly recommend taking the 13 km-long Vicky – Profetes Elias – Kouklia – Fyta route to go over the mountain.

There is also a shortcut of an alternate route that avoids climbing the peaks.  It truly descends to Amades after passing via the Pelinnaeus’ two left-facing peaks. One can view the Pellinaio Mountain slates by detouring along the Petikas path, the Yosonas Gorge, and the mountain route.

The “Petica Trail,” a 9 km long route that spans the Kavourolagada, starts at Fyta.

This is the route Petikas took to avoid being arrested after having a love affair with Amades over 100 years ago. It is a myth from the local folklore. And in his acclaimed book Nemesis, author Yiannis Makridakis provides a singular description.

Pellinaio Mountain surroundings

Additionally, the region’s geology is fascinating. A 1.8-kilometer route in Chios Town likewise starts at the Kastromyna theater and leads to a small hill. You can find some Korakaris Ammonites there. Are you in the mood to view some 250 million-year-old fossils up close?

Anyone who explores these remote areas of Chios fauna would comprehend why many scientists think that Chios reflects the planet’s geological past. A trip to Mount Athos is a great excursion. The first communications hub was built on the island’s third-highest peak this one. It starts from Pitios and climbs steadily and smoothly for 4.3 kilometers in around 2.5 hours.

Simply put, the vista is stunning from the top.

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