Chios Trails: Amani Hiking Trails

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Are you wondering what to do in Chios? Walking the Chios Trails is the best way to explore Chios nature’s splendor. The biodiversity and dramatic variations in the island’s topography make its natural beauty fascinating. The Amani hiking trails network offers vast options.

The majority of northern Chios, where Amani Chios is located, is a NATURA 2000 protected area. You can combine nature observation with a trip to byzantine monasteries and chapels that you will undoubtedly see on your journey because the island’s medieval past is evident everywhere.

Amani Hiking Trails: Agios Giannis to Agio Galas

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This Amani hiking trails connect the abandoned community of Agios Giannis, which has been there since the 1960s, with the village of Agio Galas. There are significant natural and cultural landmarks on the island included.

To take advantage of the easy descent to Agio Galas and have time to view the places of interest at the trail’s finish, it is advised to start from Agios Giannis.

Explore the Agios Giannis to Agio Galas Trail

Volissos – Malagkiotis Valley

Visit this 9.5-kilometer circular path close to Volissos, Chios. It typically takes 2 hours and 31 minutes to do this trip, which is thought of as being simple. Although this is a well-liked hiking trail, you can still find some peace and quiet during the slower periods of the day. The route is lovely to explore at any time of the year and is open all year.

Volissos to Palaia Potamia trail

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The mysterious Chios and, in particular, the Amani trails never cease to astound us! The path that links Volissos with the extinct town of Palaia Potamia is another highly fascinating one.

Residents left this stone-built, derelict community, which is now tucked away in a ditch, in the 1960s. Back ago, they had to construct Nea Potamia on the main road while baking in the sun. The previous route to Volissos is currently accessible and requires a unique 7 km hiking route.

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