Mastic Villages: Olympi Chios

Mastic Villages: Olympi Chios
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Nestled in the southeastern corner, Olympi Chios is a tranquil village that’s perfect for travelers looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. With its winding streets and traditional architecture, Olympi feels like a step back in time. Here’s how to spend a day in this idyllic Greek village!

A short history of the village.

This settlement, which dates back to the 13th century, is notable for its outstanding architecture. There is only one door that allows people to enter and exit, and it is situated at the present-day Kato Porta. The houses are constructed in such a way that anyone facing the hamlet will perceive a fortress with no visible openings.

A 20-meter-high tower that rises in the middle of the village, which is known for its winding cobblestone alleyways and was once utilized as protection against pirate attacks, now contains a lovely restaurant. Visit the Agia Paraskevi church, the Trapeza of Olympi, and the almost 200,000-year-old Cave of Olympi, all of which are close to Sykia village.

What to see and do in Olympi Chios?

Start your day with a stroll through the streets of Olympi. As you wander, you’ll see that the village is built on a slope, which affords stunning views of the Aegean Sea. Be sure to stop by the Church of Panagia Xenia. You can’t miss it with its bright blue domes. Built-in 1837, the church is one of the most photographed buildings in Olympi.

After working up an appetite from all that walking, head to Olympic Restaurant for lunch. The menu features traditional Greek dishes like dolma (stuffed vine leaves), Souvlaki (skewered meat), and various fish dishes. While the food is delicious, it’s the view from the restaurant that truly makes it special. On a clear day, you can see all the way to Turkey!

End your day with a visit to Mavra Volia Beach. This secluded beach is only accessible on foot, so it never gets too crowded. The sparkling water and soft sand make it the perfect spot to relax and take in Olympi’s natural beauty.

Olympi village contains tourist amenities like traditional apartments. To give tourists a sense of the ancient charm, several of the old traditional houses have been refurbished and turned into guesthouses. Mastic trees are also widely distributed in the vicinity of Olympi. These trees serve as the island of Chios’s symbol and a significant source of income. These plants produce a fragrant resin that is utilized in condiments, astringents, varnishes, and adhesives.

Didima, Mavra Volia, Trahili, Kato Phana, and Agia Dynami are Olympi’s closest beaches. They are all distinct and accessible from the main road.

What events take place?

The village, along with other nearby medieval villages, hosts the Agas event during the carnival season. A man costumed as “Agas,” a harsh judge from the Ottoman Empire, is chosen by the villagers. The Agas try and convict the majority of visitors and villages. The trials are based on performance and humor. The “Agas” incident occurred between 1830 and 1840.

What’s next to Olympi Chios?

Pyrghi and Mesta, two nearby settlements, are also fascinating. The picturesque village of Mesta features vaulted archways. Scenes from the Old Testament are portrayed in the Church of Taxiarches in Mesta. The largest of Chios’s medieval villages is Pyrgi. The ruins of the temple of Phaneou Apollo are located on a hill close to Phana beach.

The statue of Apollo, which allegedly previously stood there but hasn’t been located, was made of silver and gold. If you enjoy hiking, you could stroll along the former Olympi and Mesta paths.


Olympi is a charming village that offers travelers a respite from busy city life. With its traditional architecture and stunning views, Olympi is worth a visit for anyone traveling to Chios Island.

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