4+1 Reasons Why To Visit Chios

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Let’s state the obvious first. You don’t need a reason why to visit Chios. Chios island’s unparallel beauty is a gem among the Greek islands,, which is well kept away from the tourism mass.

The fifth-largest Greek island is renowned for its lengthy himaritime solidaritime heritage, magnificent ancient Greek sites, well-preserved medieval villages, natural beauty, tranquil beaches with clean wexcellentnderful local products, and Chios mastic.

But if you still insist on why to visit Chios island, where is why:

5 reasons why to visit Chios

1. Unique natural beauty

Every kind of traveler will find enough reasons why to visit Chios Island. No matter what you are searching for, from hiking to sailing, Chios won’t let you down.

Chios spreads on aece of land with valleys and more than 40 microclimates. Explore the entire Chios island to appreciate how diverse the terrain is. From the 1,297-meter-tall Pelinnaio Mountain to mesmerizing waters that surround the island.

2. Organic local products

An important reason why to visit Chios is the gastronomic culture and the local products. Try the local cheese and the aromatic citrus jams, taste the Chios spirits and of course all the masti delicassies.

3. Traditional villages of Chios

Chios architecture is one of the kind. Strolling in the Medieval villages of the South part you will Mastic is a significant economic pillar in the area. be transferred to the Medieval Ages, where pirates and knights where spreading the terror.

Moving to the Central part and Chios Town you will witness the neoclassical mansions and the richness from the shipwoners. Head to the north to witness stonebuilt villages, Byzantine churches and stone paved Ottoman trails.

4. Temples and monasteries of Chios

Chios is home to several chapels and cathedrals and is rich in beautiful Byzantine artwork. One of the most significant monuments of Byzantine art in Greece, the Nea Moni Monastery (a UNESCO monument) in the island’s center features outstanding mosaics.

5. Beaches and hiking

Another reason why to visit Chios are the many beaches. Sand? Check. Black lava pebbles? Sure. Utterly uninhabited, little cove out in the middle of nowhere? Good too! There are beaches where only a few people, even in the height of summer tourism. Challenge yourself by going to as many as you can.

Chios trails consist of an extensive network of paths in the different parts of the island. Head to Amani hiking trails to explore the Northwest region of the island, or hike among the most beautiful villages in Chios.

Do you still need reasons why to visit Chios?

I think by now you are convinced about the island’s natural beauty and the options it offers to all travelers.

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